Interns and Externs

A law student interested in an externship with the Court should check with his or her law school to see whether it has an externship program in coordination with the Court.  If it does not, students may check directly with the judges' chambers, unless those chambers are not currently offering externships:

Chief Judge Thomas O. Rice - 509-458-2470

Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson - Only accepts externships through the Gonzaga School of Law Externship Program.  Information on this Program is available at:

Judge Stanley A. Bastian -  Send email to:

Judge Salvador Mendoza, Jr. -  509-943-8160

Senior Judge Justin L. Quackenbush -  509-458-5280

Senior Judge Wm. Fremming Nielsen - Is not currently offering externships

Senior Judge Fred Van Sickle -  Is not currently offering externships

Senior Judge Robert H. Whaley - 509-458-5270

Senior Judge Edward F. Shea - 509-943-8190

Senior Judge Lonny R. Suko - 509-573-6650

Magistrate Judge Mary K. Dimke- 509-573-6670

Magistrate Judge John T. Rodgers - Is not currently offering externships