Live Media Blogging Requests

The media may request that a presiding judge grant them permission to bring into the courtroom and utilize, together with wireless internet access, an electronic device, such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone, for the purposes of uploading text to an internet site or to a peer who will use the text for on-line, televised or print news coverage. For details, see General Order No. 13-113-1 Re Utilization of Electronic Devices During Court Proceedings.

Requests must be made in writing using the Request for Live Media Blogging form and be emailed to the presiding judge’s orders email address.

For matters calendared at least 28 days in advance, requests must be received by the Court 14 days prior to the start of the hearing. For matters calendared less than 28 days in advance, requests must be received as far in advance as possible.

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