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U.S. District Court Outreach for High School Students

The U.S. District Court offers an educational outreach program for high school students. The program includes a 45-minute simulation of a criminal case (arraignment, jury selection, witness testimony and evidence presentation, and sentencing), a 30-minute question and answer session with a Federal Judge, and the option to observe court proceedings scheduled on the day of their visit. Students actively participate in the simulated criminal case as attorneys, jurors, and witnesses.

A student in the part of Assistant U.S. Attorney raises an objection to the defense counsel's question.


Students observe the presentation from the gallery and jury box.


Judge speaking to a group of Central Valley High School students about his experiences with sentencing defendants.


Students are welcome to sit in the gallery during any court proceedings that are taking place on the day of their visit. Several groups have observed sentencing hearings where they were able to see and hear the issues brought up during the presentation as they affected real people.

The program was developed to heighten students' understanding of the federal courts, individual rights, jury service and to acquaint students with employment opportunities in the federal courts.

If you are interested in bringing your students to the U.S. District Court,
please call Robert Wolkey at 509-458-3400.