Sobriety Treatment and Education Program (STEP)

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The Sobriety Treatment and Education Program [STEP] is a reentry program for individuals on federal supervision who have substance addictions.

Mission: The mission of the STEP Program is to identify high-risk, high-need persons under supervision and utilizing a collaborative justice model, conduct a program following evidence based practices to facilitate reentry of the person into the community as a clean and sober, crime-free individual.

Goals: The goals of the STEP program are to reduce recidivism, protect the public and assist the participant to achieve long term sobriety and to become a positive and productive member of society.

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What the Participants Say About STEP:

  • The entire experience has helped build my self confidence.
  • I am trying harder than I've ever tried before.
  • I felt as if they really cared about my sobriety and my way of life.
  • STEP helps me stay on track. If not for STEP I think I would be back in jail.
  • I am excited to be in this program. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as getting off probation and being able to finally move on in my life.

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