Court Operations:

  • The Spokane Federal Courthouse, the Yakima Federal Courthouse, and the court floors of the Richland Federal Courthouse are open to the public.
  • Mask protocols throughout the Eastern District of Washington will comport with the CDC Community Levels, and at any time that a county achieves a HIGH Community Level, masks will be required by court visitors for entry and in public spaces, to include the courtrooms of that courthouse.
  • General Order No. 20-101-3 has been amended. The authority to use video and teleconferencing technologies in certain criminal proceedings under § 15002(b) of the CARES Act has expired effective  Wednesday, May 10, 2023;
  • The Clerk’s Office in Spokane, Richland and Yakima remain physically accessible to the public during normal duty hours. The Court encourages electronic filings made through the CM/ECF filing system, use of the electronic payment system, and continued use of mail and delivery services.