Change in Courtroom Locations for Spokane In-Person Court Proceedings

Monday, February 8, 2021

Due to a roofing construction project over the next 18 weeks, portions of the 9th Floor of the Thomas S. Foley United States Courthouse will be inaccessible. The first of two phases begins Monday, February 8, 2021 and involves the west side of the 9th Floor.  During that time, Courtroom 901 (Judge Peterson’s courtroom) and Courtroom 903 (Judge Nielsen’s courtroom) will be unavailable for any hearings. The second phase will begin on the east side of the 9th Floor immediately upon the completion of the first phase. At that time, the east side of the 9th Floor will be inaccessible, i.e., Courtroom 902 (Judge Rice’s courtroom). These periods of courtroom inaccessibility will require previously scheduled in-person court proceedings to be moved to another active courtroom in the Foley Courthouse. 
Please check the calendar monitors located in the main floor lobby for updated courtroom locations of any in-person proceedings throughout the duration of the construction project.