Judge Stanley A. Bastian Administers Hospital Bedside Oath of Allegiance

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


While presiding over a Wenatchee naturalization ceremony on March 14, 2018, United States District Judge Stanley A. Bastian became aware that one of the prospective citizens scheduled to take the oath of citizenship had been hospitalized and was unable to participate in the ceremony.  The prospective citizen had completed all steps required to attain citizenship (completion of application, biometrics appointment and naturalization interview with English and Civics test), but the night before she was to take her Oath of Allegiance, she was hospitalized due to a health related issue.  

Immediately following the naturalization ceremony at Westside High School, Judge Bastian assembled a team consisting of an USCIS agent, courtroom deputy and court services specialist, and dispatched to the hospital to which she had been admitted, so that he may administer the Oath of Allegiance in her hospital room.  The Eastern District of Washington is proud to announce that she is now a citizen of the United States of America.