Spokane Division



Welcome to Jury Service for the Spokane Division!

You have been randomly selected as a prospective juror for the United States District Court, Eastern District of Washington for a two-week on-call term of service. Your term of jury service begins on the date shown on your Summons.

You will need your nine-digit participant number to access your reporting instructions. This number appears on the left side of the front page of your Summons, below your two-week on-call term. 

You are only required to travel to the courthouse when specifically instructed to do so via the reporting instructions. If you call and are not needed to report during the first week of your term, please keep in mind you may be required to report during the time remaining in your term, so continue to call in as instructed during your entire term.

Follow the Step-by-Step instructions below to complete your jury service obligation:


Additional Information for Jurors: