Local Rules / General Orders

Local Civil Rules
Effective Date 10/01/2018

Local Criminal Rules
Effective Date 03/01/2015

Local Patent Rules

Rules of Federal Practice and Procedure

Local Magistrate Rules

General Orders

95-32 Designation of Bankruptcy Judges to Hear Jury Trials 03/1995
Bankruptcy - Chief Judge
14-33 Order of Appointment - Hon. Frederick P. Corbit as Chief Bankruptcy Judge 09/2014
Circuit Library
98 Purpose, Access, Service and Conduct 01/1998
Court Business
12-96-1 Order Appointing Sean F. McAvoy as District Court Executive and Clerk of Court 12/2012
Court Business - Setting Policy
14-96-1 Maintaining an Accurate Electronic Court Record - Intradistrict Transfers 01/2014
10-111 In re Documents Filed Containing Blood or Other Bodily Fluids - Order Setting Policy re Documents Submitted for Filing 12/2010
Court Reporter Plan
14-23 The Management Plan for Court Reporting and Recording Services 08/2014
Crime Victim Notification
109-09-1 In re Crime Victim Notification 01/2009
Criminal Justice Act of 1964
13-11 Amended Criminal Justice Act Plan - Approved by the Court 3/25/2013 and Approved by the Ninth Circuit 6/28/2013 06/2013
Doe Pleadings
13-37-1 Doe Pleadings - Amendment to General Order 84-37 06/2013
84-37 Barring Unusual Circumstances, "Doe Pleading" is Not Permitted in the Ninth Circuit 10/2005
Electronic Case Files
16-35-1 Prison Electronic Filing Initiative 05/2016
15-35-1 In the Matter of the Prison Electronic Filing Pilot Project 04/2015
100-04-1 Procedural Rules for Electronic Case Filing 04/2004
Federal Bar - Lawyer Representative
18-93-2 Order Appointing Colin G. Prince as Lawyer Representative 10/2018
18-93-3 Order Appointing Joseph P. Derrig as Lawyer Representative 10/2018
18-93-1 Order Appointing H. Lee Lewis as Lawyer Representative 10/2018
17-93-2 Order Appointing John T. Drake as Lawyer Representative 09/2017
17-93-3 Order Appointing Erika N. Hartliep as Lawyer Representative 09/2017
17-93-1 Order Establishing Attorney Advisory Committee - Designating Actively Serving Lawyer Representatives to Serve 07/2017
16-93-2 Order Appointing Shea Meehan as Lawyer Representative 12/2016
16-93-1 Order Appointing Allison Guernsey as Lawyer Representative 11/2016
15-93-1 Order Appointing James A. Goeke as Lawyer Representative 10/2015
15-93-2 Order Appointing Blanca Rodriguez as Lawyer Representative 10/2015
14-93-2 Order Appointing Geana M. Van Dessel as Lawyer Representative 10/2014
08-103-1 Qualifications of Interpreters as Language Skilled 09/2008
06-103-3 Amended Order Re In the Matter of Hiring Court Interpreters 03/2006
13-49-1 Summoning Grand Juries - Order for Impanelment 07/2013
12-49-1 Re Disclosure of Grand Jury Material to the Defendant 09/2012
Jury Plan
16-49 Plan for the Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors 01/2017
Magistrate Judge
14-10-1 Clerk's Authority to Sign Orders of Case Reassignment 10/2014
11-10-1 General Consent to U.S. Magistrate Judge in Social Security Cases 11/2011
Non-Appropriated Funds
13-40 The Plan for the Administration of Non-Appropriated Funds - Increase in Pro Hac Vice Fee 06/2013
Pro Bono Plan
16-114-1 Plan of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington for the Representation of Indigent Pro Se Litigants in Civil Cases 05/2016
Registry of Funds
16-112-1 ​Adequate Collateralization of Registry Funds Re: Establishment of Base Dollar Amount for Interest Bearing Registry Deposits and Procedures Governing Monies Paid into the Court 11/2016
13-112-1 Collateralization of Registry of Funds - Utilization of Court Registrty Investment System (CRIS) 01/2013
Schedules of Collateral Forfeiture - Bail Schedules
15-12-2 Order Amending Schedule of Collateral Forfeiture And Amending General Order 06-12-1 and 15-12-1 10/2015
14-12-1 National Marine Fisheries 04/2014
13-12-1 National Park Service 04/2013
11-12-1 Yakima Training Center 07/2011
No number Forest Service 10/2008
08-12-1 Bureau of Reclamation 05/2008
06-12-1 General Services Administration 01/2006
12-1 Bureau of Land Management 01/2006
12-3 Fish and Wildlife 01/2006
12-10 Department of Veterans Affairs 05/2002
01-12-11 Army Corps of Engineers 01/2001
18-54-01 Security and Electronic Devices in U.S. Courthouses and Federal Facilities in the Eastern District of Washington 01/2018
Settlement Conferences - Magistrate Judge Dimke
Settlement Conference Standing Order RE: Settlement Conference 04/2019
STEP Program
110-10-1 Order Approving Step Program 01/2010
United States Attorney
18-105-1 Appointment of USA Joseph Harrington 05/2018
18-57-1 Designation of Employees Authorized to Accept Service of Process 01/2018