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Proposed Amendment to LR 17.1 - Claims of Minors and Incompetents and Disposition of Funds

Submit Comments on Proposed Amendment to LR 17.1.   All comments on the proposed amendment will be carefully considered by the Court. Please provide any comments on the proposed amendment, whether favorable, adverse, or otherwise, as soon as possible but no later than 5:00 p.m. March 5, 2015.

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Local Rules Revised: 09/01/2013
Local Criminal Rules Effective: 03/01/2015
Local Patent Rules Revised: 11/10/2010
Summary of Amendments to Local Rules

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure


General Orders

95-43 Operation of the U.S. District Court in the Absence of Appropriations 11/13/1995
Attorney - Appointment of Special Attorney
105-13-2 Order Appointing Robert G. Kondrat 04/03/2014
105-14-1 Extension of Appointment of Todd R. Bowers 01/03/2014
105-13-4 Extension of Appointment of Derek A. Lee 09/12/2013
105-13-3 Appointment of Carl A. Colasurdo 07/02/2013
105-13-1.1 Extension of Appointment of Brian V. Hultgrenn 01/16/2013
105-12-1 Appointment of Todd R. Bowers 06/06/2012
95-32 Designation of Bankruptcy Judges to Hear Jury Trials 03/08/1995
Bankruptcy - Chief Judge
14-33 Order of Appointment - Hon. Frederick P. Corbit as Chief Bankruptcy Judge 09/16/2014
Circuit Library
98 Purpose, Access, Service and Conduct 01/30/1998
Court Business
12-96-1 Order Appointing Sean F. McAvoy as District Court Executive and Clerk of Court 12/27/2012
Court Business - Setting Policy
14-96-1 Maintaining an Accurate Electronic Court Record - Intradistrict Transfers 01/13/2014
10-111 In re Documents Filed Containing Blood or Other Bodily Fluids - Order Setting Policy re Documents Submitted for Filing 12/06/2010
Court Reporter Plan
14-23 The Management Plan for Court Reporting and Recording Services 08/27/2014
Crime Victim Notification
109-09-1 In re Crime Victim Notification 01/12/2009
Criminal Cases
14-9 Motions to Reduce Sentence Pursuant to United States Sentencing Commission Amendment 09/16/2014
Criminal Justice Act of 1964
13-11 Amended Criminal Justice Act Plan - Approved by the Court 3/25/2013 and Approved by the Ninth Circuit 6/28/2013 06/28/2013
09-80 Rate for Compensation of Court Appointed Counsel in Capital Habeas Corpus Cases 04/27/2009
DNA Collection
102-05-1 In re Court Policy Requiring DNA Collection Pursuant to the Justice For All Act of 2004 10/31/2005
Doe Pleadings
13-37-1 Doe Pleadings - Amendment to General Order 84-37 06/11/2013
84-37 Barring Unusual Circumstances, "Doe Pleading" is Not Permitted in the Ninth Circuit 10/31/2005
Electronic Case Files
100-04-1 Procedural Rules for Electronic Case Filing 04/16/2004
100-02-1 Electronic Availability of Case File Information in Civil Cases, Except Social Security Cases 06/01/2002
Electronic Devices
13-113-1 Utilization of Electronic Devices During Court Proceedings 04/23/2013
Equal Employment Opportunity and Employment Dispute
14-45 Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (Part A) and Employment Dispute Resolution (Part B) 02/20/2014
Federal Bar - Lawyer Representation
14-93-1 Order Appointing Mary K. Dimke as Lawyer Representative 10/14/2014
14-93-3 Order Appointing Jan R. Armstrong as Lawyer Representative 10/08/2014
14-93-2 Order Appointing Geana M. Van Dessel as Lawyer Representative 10/08/2014
13-93-1 Order Appointing John Barto McEntire, IV. as Lawyer Representative 01/13/2013
12-93-2 Order Appointing Lori Jordan Isley as Lawyer Representative 12/03/2012
Holiday Schedule
13-96-1 November Holiday Schedule 11/01/2013
08-103-1 Qualifications of Interpreters as Language Skilled 09/26/2008
06-103-3 Amended Order Re In the Matter of Hiring Court Interpreters 03/31/2006
09-49 Amended Jury Plan 10/23/2014
13-49-1 Summoning Grand Juries - Order for Impanelment 07/05/2013
12-49-1 Re Disclosure of Grand Jury Material to the Defendant 09/04/2012
10-49-1 In re Supplemental Attendance Fee for Grand Jurors 03/10/2010
09-49-2 In re Supplemental Attendance Fee for Petit Jurors 09/14/2009
86-41 If civil action scheduled for trial is settled in advance of trial, juror costs shall be assessed against the parties... 04/04/1986
Magistrate Judge
14-10-1 Clerk's Authority to Sign Orders of Case Reassignment 10/22/2014
13-10-2-1 Designation of a Magistrate Judge for Service in Another District 06/29/2013
13-10-1 Order Temporarily Assigning Magistrate Judge Larry Boyle 01/22/2013
11-10-1 General Consent to U.S. Magistrate Judge in Social Security Cases 11/28/2011
00-10-2 In the Matter of Referral to Magistrate Judges of Taking Verdict Returns 04/10/2000
00-10-1 Order Referring Duty of Grand Jury Selection to Magistrate Judges 01/21/2000
Non-Appropriated Funds
13-40 The Plan for the Administration of Non-Appropriated Funds - Increase in Pro Hac Vice Fee 06/26/2013
Registry of Funds
13-112-1 Collateralization of Registry of Funds - Utilization of Court Registrty Investment System (CRIS) 01/14/2013
Rules - Local Rules
13-34-2 Amendment to Local Rule 3.1 07/01/2013
13-34-1 Adopting Amendment to Local Rule 7.1, Motion Practice 01/31/2013
11-34-1 Order Adopting Amendments to Local Rules 06/25/2011
10-34-3 Order Adopting Local Patent Rules 11/08/2010
Schedules of Collateral Forfeiture - Bail Schedules
14-12-1 National Marine Fisheries 04/21/2014
13-12-1 National Park Service 04/22/2013
11-12-1 Yakima Training Center 07/11/2011
No number Forest Service 10/27/2008
08-12-1 Bureau of Reclamation 05/20/2008
06-12-1 General Services Administration 01/06/2006
12-10 Department of Veterans Affairs 05/01/2002
01-12-11 Army Corps of Engineers 01/28/2001
12-1 Bureau of Land Management 08/05/1996
12-3 Fish and Wildlife 08/05/1996
15-54-1 Security of and Entry into US Courthouses and Federal Court Facilities in the Eastern District of Washington 03/02/2015
13-54-1 Security of and Entry into U.S. Courthouses and Federal Facilities in the Eastern District of Washington 04/23/2013
13-54-1 and 13-113-1 Security of and Entry into U.S. Courthouses and Federal Buildings and General Order Re Use of Electronic Devices During Court Proceedings 04/23/2013
05-54-1 Security of and Entry into U.S. Courthouses and Federal Buildings 10/21/2005
STEP Program
110-10-1 Order Approving Step Program 01/04/2010
United States Attorney - Acceptance of Service
13-57 Designation Re Service/Summons/Complaint 05/15/2013