Fictitious/Fake Arrest Warrant Update

Monday, June 2, 2014

In various parts of the United States, citizens are being targeted by emails or faxes containing fictitious arrest warrants on a criminal charge, offering a chance to avoid arrest through the payment of a specific amount. According to reports, these fictitious arrest warrants display a logo for an unspecified "United States District Court," a case number, and various charges to include money laundering, bank fraud, or missed jury duty. The recipient of the warrant is instructed to call a number to get a “settlement” or to wire money to avoid arrest.

Federal courts do not serve a valid warrant by fax or e-mail. Warrants are served in person by a U.S. Marshal or other law enforcement officer.

Persons receiving such a fictitious warrant via email or fax should not provide the requested information, but should notify the Clerk of Court's office (509) 458-3400 and FBI office (509) 458-8100, immediately.