Juror Scam in Eastern District of Washington

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

As a follow up to the December 15th announcement re: Juror Scams...The Court has been informed that members of the public are being targeted by telephone scammers.  The scam begins when someone, posing as a Marshal or other law enforcement official, contacts the victim by telephone.  The victim is told there is a warrant for his or her arrest or a summons to appear in court for failure to appear for jury duty.  The scammers advise victims that to avoid being arrested they must pay money. The scammers will use the names of actual Judges or Court Officials in the Eastern District of Washington and the Court’s address in an attempt to sound legitimate.  These calls are NOT from the Court or on the Court’s behalf. 

Law enforcement officers do not notify people of arrest warrants by telephone.  Valid arrest warrants are served in person.   If a member of the public receives a phone call purporting to be from the Federal Court that asks for money or personal information, please hang up and report the call to the Court and/or the local FBI office.