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United States District Court

Eastern District of Washington


Tips for effective practice in the Eastern Distric

Vol. 1, Issue 1 July 2017

YOUR DAY IN COURT - Strengthening Courtroom Decorum and Practices

Stipulated Trial Exhibits

A stipulated trial exhibit is not necessarily an admitted exhibit.  Remember, the filing of a Joint Stipulation Regarding Trial Exhibits is the first step, but to ensure that the exhibits are admitted during trial, you must make that request of the Court.  

Attorney Conference Rooms

Neither the public corridor outside of a courtroom, nor the entrance lobby of the courthouse offer an environment that assures your clients the privacy/confidentiality deserved.  The Court has made available attorney conference rooms in each of the courthouses, so that you may discuss the case at hand, with your client, either before or after your scheduled court time

FREQUENT FILER - Tips for Success with Electronic Filing

CM/ECF Contact Information

The Court strives to keep the information in CM/ECF accurate.  Please check your contact information and if it is not correct, please update or call the ECF Help Desk at 866-236-5100 for assistance.


When filing a Notice of Appearance, the attorney who has logged into CM/ECF to effect the filing will be the attorney added to the case.   (If more than one attorney is listed on the Notice, CM/ECF will only add the attorney who is actually filing the document.)  Therefore, each attorney wishing to make an appearance in the case must individually log into CM/ECF and file their own Notice of Appearance in the case.


Naturalizations in the Eastern District
Through June 2017, 661 new citizens have been naturalized this year in the Eastern District of Washington.  In calendar year 2016, the Court naturalized 915 new citizens.

Questions: Contact the ECF Help Desk at 1-866-236-5100