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The Sobriety Treatment and Education Program [STEP] is a reentry program for individuals on federal supervision who have substance addictions.

Mission: The mission of the STEP Program is to identify high-risk, high-need persons under supervision and utilizing a collaborative justice model, conduct a program following evidence based practices to facilitate reentry of the person into the community as a clean and sober, crime-free individual.

Goals: The goals of the STEP program are to reduce recidivism, protect the public and assist the participant to achieve long term sobriety and to become a positive and productive member of society.

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If you would like more information about the STEP Program contact Matt Thompson, (509) 742-6320 or email Matt_Thompson@waep.uscourts.gov


1.0 Formation of Program

1.1 Overview.pdf
1.2 Order Approving STEP Program.pdf
1.3 Judges Meeting - Approving Participation of Persons with pending SRV.pdf
1.4 MOU 04.2007.pdf
1.5 MOU 02.2011.pdf

2.0 Adminstration of Program

2.1 Coordinator.pdf
2.2 Administrative Duties and Responsibilities.pdf

3.0 Program Description

3.1 Phase System Adopted 11.04.09.pdf
3.2 Brochure 10.2010.pdf

4.0 Policies and Procedures

4.1 Procedures 12.15.09.pdf
4.2 Participant's Association with Other Felons 05.22.08.pdf
4.3 GED 02.26.09.pdf
4.4 Phase Advancement 01.20.11.pdf

5.0 Referral & Approval Process & Forms

5.1 Participant Referral And Approval Process Flow Sheet.pdf
5.2 STEP Team Referral Form - EDWA Form 27.pdf
5.3 Participant Agreement and Waiver.pdf
5.4 Participant Agreement and Waiver (no year off - violent offender).pdf
5.5 Authorization to Release Confidential Information Prob 11B .pdf

5.6 Participant Folder

5.6.1 Welcome Letter.pdf
5.6.2 Summary of Participant Agreement and Waiver.pdf
5.6.3 Rewards.pdf
5.6.4 SAMPLE Calendar of Sessions - Spokane 2011.pdf
5.6.5 Restoration of Voting Rights.pdf

5.7 Transfer of Jurisdiction

5.7.1 Intradistrict Memorandum.pdf
5.7.2 Order of Transfer of Jurisdiction to STEP (intra-district).pdf
5.7.3 Order of Participation in STEP Program (STEP Judge only).pdf
5.7.4 Sample Out of District Request Letter.pdf

6.0 Referral & Approval With Pending Violation

6.1 Screening & Referral Process with Pending SRV Flow Sheet .pdf
6.2 Order of Transfer of Jurisdiction to STEP (pending SRV).pdf

7.0 Team Meeting Process & Forms

7.1 Team Meeting Process Flow Sheet.pdf
7.2 Treatment & Urinalysis Status Report.pdf

7.3 Progress Report

7.3.1 Progress Report Phase I.pdf
7.3.2 Progess Report Phase II.pdf
7.3.3 Progress Report Phase III.pdf
7.3.4 Progess Report Phase IV.pdf
7.3.5 Progress Report - Non-Phase EDWA Form 28.pdf
7.4 Reward Guide.pdf
7.5 Graduated Consequences Guide.pdf
7.6 Status Report.pdf

7.7 Phase Advancement Forms

7.7.1 Phase Advancement Form - I to II.pdf
7.7.2 Phase Advancement Form - II to III.pdf
7.7.3 Phase Advancement Form - III to IV.wpd
7.7.3 Phase Advancement Form - III to IV.pdf
7.7.4 Phase Advancement Form - Graduation.pdf
7.7.5 Survey Instructions - Non-Phase.pdf
7.8 Anonymous Participant Survey.pdf
7.9 Omnibus Order.pdf
7.10 Order to Reduce Pro - SR & Transfer Jurisdiction.pdf
7.11 Order to Reduce SR Term (without Transfer of Jurisdiction).pdf
7.12 Order of Transfer of Jurisdiction (no year off).pdf
7.13 Survey for Step Graduates - Non Phase.pdf

8.0 Court Session Process & Forms

8.1 Court Session Process Flow Sheet.pdf
8.2 Sign-In Attendance Log.pdf

8.3 Graduation

8.3.1 Graduation Process.pdf
8.3.2 Graduation Script.pdf
8.3.3 Team Letter of Congratulations.pdf
8.3.4 Dignitaries Letters
8.3.4 Gregoire Letter.pdf
8.3.4 Cantwell Letter.pdf
8.3.4 McMorris Rodgers Letter.pdf
8.3.5 Certificate of Completion.pdf

9.0 Arrest Warrant & Initial Appearance Process

9.1 Arrest Warrant & Initial Appearance Process.pdf